In The Rain


In The Rain

I stood out in the rain today.

Wind-slashed rain.

Big drops and hazy rain,

Because I wanted to.


I stood out in the rain today.

On the pebble path,

Beside the birdbath.

Because I wanted to.


And I laughed out loud.

At the fun of it.

With the joy of it.

Like a child

Who still counts

The halves and the quarters.

“I’m ten and a quarter!”

“I’m seven and a half!”

Like a fifty-eight and three quarters kid

Laughing aloud in the rain.


I wanted to.

☂   ☁︎   ☂


I wrote this four years ago. I thought about it today and decided to post it.

I hope you enjoyed my poem and photos.

Hugs from Pearl 😊