A new day

Day Lily

It’s a new day, and like the day lily in the photo I’ve opened up to greet it.

The cats are all fed. Email has been given its first check of the day.

A pretty normal day. Until I went outside to take out some trash and spotted a female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird at one of my feeders and my spirits rose a few notches. I love the hummers. Dainty, feisty and acrobatic like few other birds can manage to be.


Back inside it was time to write this message to you.

My joy at seeing the hummingbird got me thinking – what raises your spirits?

Music? Reading? Chatting with friends? Doing a craft? Playing games on your computer or phone?

Those are all some of my go-to things when I’m needing a boost.

Take time today to do something to raise your spirits high!

Hugs from Pearl