Call me . . .


Call me irresponsible, call me unreliable

Throw in undependable too

Do my foolish alibis bore you?

Well, I’m not too clever; I just adore you

Call me unpredictable, tell me I’m impractical

Rainbows I’m inclined to pursue

Call me irresponsible; yes, I’m unreliable

But it’s undeniably true: I’m irresponsibly mad for you

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I know being familiar with this song places me firmly in the “old person” category.

No worries – I have no problem with admitting my age. I’m 62, well, I will be in a few days so close enough.

“Call me irresponsible, call me unreliable.” Like being late again with getting something written and posted here.

It’s the story of my life.

I have ADHD, I’m an ISFP personality type, and a few other odds and ends of things which lend themselves to fitting the lyrics to the song above. The various tendencies that accompany both ADHD and being an ISFP have  dogged me my whole life and they hang doggedly onto my ankle still, despite endless attempts to shake loose of them.

So . . . I’m often irresponsible, unreliable, undependable, unpredictable and impractical.

And yes, I’m inclined to pursue rainbows as well. I actually did “chase” the rainbows in the photo above – and the brighter one just happened to end at my daughter’s house.

And I go outside to look at birds and flowers when I should be writing – like I did yesterday.



And so I apologize for the lateness of this post. It will most likely happen again . . .

and again . . .

and . . .

Do you have something(s) you struggle with? Things that have dogged you for as long as you can remember?

I hope you’ll share them here. It’s good to know we’re all in this together. 😊

Hugs from Pearl