I’m thinking I should just shift writing my blog to Saturday – it seems to be when I end up getting it written any way.

Yesterday, being Friday when I should have been posting a new blog post, I was   reexperiencing FREEDOM.

Yesterday was the first day in over two years that we once again had two cars – meaning my husband drove himself to work and I still had a vehicle for me to use. I could go somewhere during the day without having to plan ahead to take him to work early in the morning and without having to keep a close eye on the time so I could pick him up in the early afternoon.

Freedom. I once again have full time use of my Dear Little Car, pictured in the photo above.

This might all seem really strange to some of you. Typical American over indulgence. Why do two people need two cars. And in some ways you’d have a good point. But we live in a town that’s too big to comfortably walk everywhere and too small to have public transportation. Without a car, there are very few places I can get to. No grocery store I can walk to. Our bank is barely within my range. No cafés or restaurants. Not even any fast-food places. Also, there are no bike lanes and most drivers are still not very good at watching out for bicyclists.

And, well, I’m too out of shape to get much of anywhere on a bike.

So, for two years, I’ve not gone out much or done much away from my home – which has been quite confining.

I can now really relate to how those folks among us, old and sometimes not so old, feel when they lose their driver’s license for whatever reason. I’ve had a car pretty much my whole life since I first got my license and it is a horrible. Trying to remember to pick up my husband wasn’t easy, not being able to just go if I needed something.

And the worst – inconveniencing other people by always mooching a ride.

Yesterday I went to the store by myself …

While hubby was at work …

And stayed as long as I wanted.