Take me away


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There was an ad on TV long ago, which I remember because I’m from long ago, for Calgon bath water softener. A lady, frazzled by crying babies, traffic jams, burning dinner, or a desk piled high with work would cry out, as though beseeching divine intervention – “Calgon! Take me away!” And the next scene would be the lady relaxed and smiling as she soaks in warm bubbly bath made softer and bubblier because of the Calgon she added to the water.

You can see an ad from 1988 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNgZFxAnKtA

But what can we do when there’s no bath tub? Or, at least there’s no Calgon around to add to our comfy hot water? We can cry out . . .

“Reading! Take me away!”

For that is the gift of “story.”

My LOTR poster. For me, the legend came to life in 1966 when I read the trilogy for the first time.

We can leave our hectic life, or hurtful life, even a boring life and, for awhile, be taken away. And unlike a movie or TV show we can read at our own pace, savor a scene that takes our breath away or fills us with wonder instead of being hurried on.

Oh the blessing of being taken away! The release of laughing with someone else’s antics, soaring with their joy, or crying for their sorrow – which somehow touches and eases our own, even if it’s only for a moment.

And it isn’t only fiction that works this wonder!

A well told non-fiction book can have the exact same effect because true stories are still stories after all, and often blessed with the same magic as fictional tales. We get swept up into someone else’s life story, or some moment of our world’s history.

I proudly admit that I mostly read for escape. I have always read for escape. Lost in the marvel of being transported away any time I choose just by opening the cover and diving into the words. Or, nowadays, tapping the  screen of my Kindle works just as well – the magic carpet words are still there.

I read not too long ago someone’s opinion that when an author says they write to entertain it’s just an excuse. A cop-out.

I disagree.

My first favorite escape guide – Agatha Christie.

As an author, I feel it is one of the greatest gifts I can give a reader if I’ve enabled those minutes or hours of being entertained. Maybe lightening their load. Easing their stress.

Maybe . . .

Taking my readers away.

Hugs from Pearl

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Playing Hooky

yard cropped
The view from the garage door into our backyard.

I just came inside from playing hooky.

No. Not hockey. That’s a sport and hooky is an avoidance.

Hooky is not showing up somewhere you’re supposed to show up – on purpose.

Just because you decide not to.

It can also be leaving somewhere you’re supposed to be on a whim.

It can even be for only part of the day, or a short time, and then showing back up. And that is what I did today. I skipped out, played hooky, from my website work, from my writing (Have I mentioned I’m an author?), from housework (Have I mentioned that when I’m not being an author I’m a homemaker?) … and yes, from writing this blog post.

I played hooky by leaving my house and going outside into my back yard.

I know. The big adventurer here.

But my yard, in fact most yards if they have some grass or plants in containers or bird feeders, can offer adventures if you enjoy observing, and photographing, nature.

The adventure often comes from enduring harsh conditions . . .

Okay, usually not so harsh, though I’ve been known to be out in the rain, 90° F and higher temperatures, and I once went out on our patio in a blizzard and took a selfie just to get a feel for why I didn’t want to go outside in blizzards.

Pearl in the blizzard
Yep. Very cold, windy and snowy.

Today was hot and very humid. Yuck!

But I played hooky anyway.

To look at something other than my home office room and my kitchen. To feel the rare breeze as it floated by. To smell the earth, still damp from the rain last night.

To ease my mind and fill it with something refreshing.

And to take photos.


*SIGH* Now I feel like writing!

Do you ever play hooky from your responsibilities? Do you go somewhere, escape to some daydreams? What do you do while you’re there? Do you take the whole day or only part of it?

Hugs from Pearl