On Bubbles


Yesterday was one of those days. Not the everything goes wrong kind, the everything gets all out of whack kind. The day you think you have organized and all in order that ends up anything but.

One of the items on my agenda was writing this blog post.

I didn’t manage to write to you yesterday, so I’m writing first thing this morning.

But . . .

What to write? What to write?

The thought popped into my head that, whenever I manage to catch a moment today, I want to do something fun and there it was: what to write about.

My husband used to teach insurance seminars at locations from the far north of Illinois to the distant south – from the eastern boarder to the western shores along the Mississippi River. He met a lot of people and one of his favorite ways to get to know them was to ask:

“What do you do for fun?”

Fun relaxes us and helps us keep our sanity in our often hectic, insane lives.

He heard about everything from a guy involved in competitive ice fishing (we have the DVD of a TV show he did about it) to an Elvis impersonator and everything in between. It is a wonderful way to get people talking.

I take photos of birds for fun. Heck, I take photos of just about anything for fun. I also blow bubbles for fun.

I even take photos of bubbles.

Bubbles are just plain fun. It is hard to see bubbles without smiling and it is hard to blow bubbles without smiling. They are magical, mystical, shimmering gems that are here and gone – until you blow some more. I much prefer to blow them myself, instead of using an automatic bubble-blower thingy. It is even more wonderful when they are made with my own breath. Then, they are little parts of me floating around before they pop and give my breath back to the atmosphere.

Photographing them is tricky, especially when I was doing it all by myself.

Hold bottle of bubble solution.

Dip bubble wand.

Blow bubbles.

Quickly set that all down and pick up camera (with soapy fingers).

Try to take photos that are in focus.



Then, I figured out the bubbles showed up better if I could catch them while they were in the sunlight but with shadow behind them. The iridescence and sun-glints show up much better with a dark background. So then I was trying to allow for the breeze and blow them so they would go a particular place. Yeah. Right. Easier said than done – though I did manage it sometimes.

by the door

Eventually, my good friend Nancy Saul, who also likes blowing bubbles, helped by doing the bubble blowing while I snapped the photos. Ahhhhhh . . . so much easier! Later, I cleaned the photos up using Photoshop Elements (which is also fun for me).


So, when I catch a break in my day today, I’m going to blow bubbles in the house for my enjoyment and for my cats to chase.

I’m interested in hearing about what do you do for fun. When do you get the chance to do it? Is it something you do alone or with someone else?

Leave a comment – then go have some fun!

Hugs from Pearl