Staying resilient, slaying parasites


A reblog of a post that really spoke to me from the blog of Amanda Cleary Eastep

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

The man made a beeline for me.

I, and a few authors, had just finished leading a discussion about the importance of the voices of “midlife” writers.

This particular writer, who had been in the audience, almost seem dazed–eyes glassy, lips parted as if what he needed to verbalize hadn’t fully formed yet and was resting between them.


“How do you stay resilient?”

I’m not sure why he thought I’d be the one to ask. My colleagues were addressing other people’s questions, so maybe that was it. Or maybe I just looked like the most worn out of the four of us.

As in…”if she can keep writing while lugging around those eye bags, so can I…”

So how do writers keep going…keep creating, keep hoping? .  .  .

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4 thoughts on “Staying resilient, slaying parasites

    1. Thank you for asking me, Amanda. 😊

      I haven’t been writing much for the last two – three years. There’s been a lot of emotional upsets in my life over that time and my creativity in all areas has dulled. I did manage to write four short stories set in the world of my cozy mystery series earlier this year that are pretty good, and a fanfiction story for a monthly Lord of the Rings fanfiction challenge that I used to write for regularly. (I started my writing doing LOTR fanfiction) I keep hoping writing the short stories will get things flowing again for writing a fourth cozy mystery novel.

      Why have I kept trying to create – trying to write – even when it has been so hard to do lately?

      Knowing that people who have read my work have enjoyed it. They have told me that my stories give them a break from the everyday aspects of their lives; something to laugh with, sometimes cry with, sometimes a different way of seeing things and sometimes letting their mind try to solve a mystery or problem that isn’t their own.

      My stories have given to others the very things I love in a good story, and that’s an amazingly uplifting and humbling thing to be able to do. It hurts me to think it might come to an end if I can’t come up with more plots for good stories, especially for my series.

      Thanks again, Amanda, and Hugs!

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      1. Perhaps, with some distance and in time, your challenging life experiences will inspire a story. It’s good that you’ve continued to write even in other forms. I’m hoping at some point to find a local writers’ group. Have you ever found that to be helpful?

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  1. Amanda,

    It would be great if that would happen. Nice if some of this could feel useful for something. Although I fear it would be too depressing – though maybe not with, as you said, enough distance and time.

    I’ve tried two writers’ groups.

    The first was here in Lincoln and had about ten people in it and turned out to be more a “sharing our stories” type group where they gave a starter and everyone read their story from it at the next meeting. Not what I needed at all for working on my mysteries. 😉

    The second met in Bloomington/Normal, so I had to drive about 30 mins to get to it. It was also about ten people but all were working on novels. More what I was looking for but it didn’t work either. I found it hard to keep myself focused with that many people sharing, especially if they read a rather lengthy section. Also, with that many people and stories, I had trouble remembering much about their stories from one week to the next and would find things confusing as they were continuing their stories on.

    I sometimes wonder if I’d do better with five or fewer people and if we were all cozy mystery writers. Don’t know. Maybe it would be better if we all wrote something different – hahaha. 🤔

    That was one of the things I had with the fanfiction. There were a few of us that got to be good friends and we would beta read for each other and sometimes discuss our stories on chat. I really miss the camaraderie of that. We’re trying to get it back these days but it seems we’re all busier than we were before and we’re having trouble finding the time to chat.


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