Commit to Creativity

I needed this post. Do you?

Ari Meghlen - Writer | Blogger | Bad card player

Committ to Creativity.jpgWe all have those moments, lingering senses of stagnation or apathy. The best way to get through them is to release your creativity. Everyday!

Creative people need to be creative. We need to dip into that rich, vibrant well frequently for our own sanity.

So just do something. Anything. Be creative.

You don’t need to write an opera or sculpt a life-size model of Benedict Cumberbatch (although that latter one sounds pretty fun πŸ˜‰ )Β 

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2 thoughts on “Commit to Creativity

  1. I’ve always had (and still do) something going on, from building a door casing to making bread, knitting, Legos, computer games, quilts and cat beds, the garden, herbs, photography, writing. I love it when someone who knows how far “out’ in the woods we live says, ‘don’t you get BORED up there? What do you DO all day?” This from someone who sees a job as the important part, with shopping and TV the other two legs of her life.

    I’m tempted to ask her the same question.


    1. Well said, Judy!

      You and I sound a lot alike. Until the past couple of years I always had at least one hobby, usually two or three, going all the time. Many of them are the same things you list – except the gardening. I tried several time had it just never worked well. I sort of do container gardening of flowers only since we put in our patios in 2012. I also did calligraphy, needlepoint and crochet.

      I’m with you on the people who ask those questions, I’ve never been able to understand people who have no hobbies.

      I’ve had some deep emotional upsets since spring of 2015 and with every new new one that’s arisen, my creativity has receded a bit more. I’m so wanting to get it back. I feel all at odds with myself.


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