Unhappily happy?

There is a lot of good, honest truth in this blog post from the White Padded Room.

White Padded Room

There are times when I feel really happy, but at that time I know it’s just temporary, because I’m going to go back to being fine. And there are times where I feel unhappy, and I know it’s going to go back to normal. I’m never constantly fucking happy, ’cause that would just be insane. I don’t think anyone is constantly happy and if that is the case, I don’t want to know you. ~Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. PewDiePie

Yes, I am a fan of PewDiePie, along with 52 million people around the world who are considerably younger than me.

Really, though, I’m a little kid in size 8 adult shoes so it shouldn’t surprise you.

PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTube celebrity who owns and operates a gaming and entertaining channel. His real name is Felix Kjellberg. I’ve been following him for quite some time. He recently made a video entitled…

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