Oh, the first snowfall of the winter!


Looking Northeast from our patio.


Last Sunday, Dec. 4th, was my town’s first snowfall of this season.

I know, I know. Many of you dread that event, and with good reason. It’s cold. It’s slippery. It often needs shoveling.

Who needs snow?

Oddly enough, it does some good things.

It adds moisture to the earth – moisture that soaks in slowly instead of all just running off – and that’s good for crops in the spring.

There are some plants that need not just winter but a cold snowy type of winter to bloom, or bloom well, in the spring.

And I have a little guest spending the winter on the wall by our front door. When he first showed up he (or she) looked like this:


Then like this:


And now he (or she) looks like this:


Only by going through an entire winter, that includes cold weather, will that caterpillar turn into this:

(unidentified photo from the internet)

An adult Polyphemus Moth.

Yeah. Winter.

It can be useful. 😊

❄️   ❄️   ❄️   ❄️   ❄️

judyt54 mentioned to me in a conversation on my post “In The Rain”that she’d like to see some of the photos I’ve taken of snowflakes. ❄️ 😊

The snow we had on the 4th wasn’t good snowflake snow. It was mostly clumps of spiky crystals:


But there were a few recognizable flakes to be found.


The snowflake is about in the center of the photo, top-center of the clump.

In good snowflake snows, I can get shots like this:


Which I can “clean up” to look like this:


I rotated and combined this shot with another of my snowflake shots and used it for a Facebook banner one year.


I hope you enjoyed the photos, and maybe you’ll be a bit more tolerant of the winter weather (or not 😉 ) and inspired to take a closer look at the snowflakes the next time they fall.

*If you want to see snowflake photos taken by the first person to take a photomicrograph of a single snowflake back in 1885 go to the official website for Wilson A. Bentley of Jericho, Vermont – http://snowflakebentley.com/ . He took photos of over 5,000 snowflakes in his lifetime. They are fantastic!

Hugs from Pearl! 😊  ❄️


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