In The Rain


In The Rain

I stood out in the rain today.

Wind-slashed rain.

Big drops and hazy rain,

Because I wanted to.


I stood out in the rain today.

On the pebble path,

Beside the birdbath.

Because I wanted to.


And I laughed out loud.

At the fun of it.

With the joy of it.

Like a child

Who still counts

The halves and the quarters.

“I’m ten and a quarter!”

“I’m seven and a half!”

Like a fifty-eight and three quarters kid

Laughing aloud in the rain.


I wanted to.

☂   ☁︎   ☂


I wrote this four years ago. I thought about it today and decided to post it.

I hope you enjoyed my poem and photos.

Hugs from Pearl 😊


9 thoughts on “In The Rain

  1. nothing as grand as a serious downpour and coming in soaked to the skin. And not caring.

    Last spring we had a woods walk up here, (as part of our Conservation Easement thingy) and about 30 people showed up, all of them dressed for rain–boots, rain gear, umbrellas, smiles. Three hours of downpour which started when we did and ended just as the last of them drove away.

    Sometimes I think we still listen to our mothers, long may they wave, I love the photos. Especially the one with the VW in it, having it’s own good time out there.

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    1. Hi Judy,

      In this wonderfully ethereal way, walking in the rain (when you want to or have decided to not have it be a bother) is very cleansing. Like I’ve been washed inside and out.

      The wet woods walk sounds lovely! My daughter and I took a long woods walk one year during the first snowfall of the year. It was wonderful. Very calm and peaceful.

      The Bug was having a good time of it that day. 😊 Very astute of you to notice! 😃


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  2. VWs always seem to enjoy themselves, like snuffy little pug dogs, always up for fun and races and sticks to chase…

    The first snow of the year is about the only one I appreciate, sadly. The rest have a snowshovel attached. But, yeah, letting it drift down around you, you sort of pick up the rhythm of it and you’re right, it’s very soothing, the snow globe effect, if you will.

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    1. Yes! Like being in a snow globe! ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ Wonderful imagery, Judy!

      Pugs and VWs – a cute combination. 😄

      I rather like the snow until it’s fairly close to spring arriving, then I get antsy for the change. I always feel if the grass has to be mostly brown, and the trees all bare, then at least we may as well have snow to make things look pretty – well, until it gets worn down and dirty I suppose. I also like taking photographs of snowflakes. 😃


  3. Snow is fun, and it’s beautiful, and I love photos of snow scenes–but after three months or more of it, I think, well, yeah, how many more times can i take yet another picture of the same tree and the same road? enough, already.

    Long about march we do get those warm days when the wind is from the south, and no matter much snow is out there, the fog drifts in, and you go out and smell–mud–and think, okay…it’s coming.

    Do you take actual shots of close up snowflakes or the falling all around you kind? I think snowflake photos are so neat…and tricky…

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    1. I totally agree with the three month limit and the picture conundrum. 😄

      The smell of the seasons is one of the things I pay attention to! 😊 The sharpness of winter, the earthy smell of spring, the humid warmth of summer and the smell of crunchy leaves in the fall.

      I do take shots of the snowflakes falling around me, but mostly the last couple of years I’ve been taking close ups. It is quite the challenge to get good shots. I’ll post some here and write a blog post about it when we get some snow. It might be soon, we’re supposed to get some on Sunday. 😃


  4. I’d love to see them, Pearl. There’s so much detail in snowflakes, isnt there.

    We keep being teased by the weathermen about snow, but all they say is ‘colder’ which is a relative term, and not worth a lot anyway. HOW colder? =)

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    1. There is an amazing amount of detail in them, more than you can ever see by just trying to look closely at them.

      Oh yes – colder. 😉 We lived in Minnesota for 7 years back in the 1980s and “cold” there was a very different thing than “cold” is here in Central Illinois!


  5. As I recall, the 80s here in NH were like that, as well. Truly vicious. We moved into this drafty (you have no idea) old house in 1980 with three cats and a dog and two woodstoves, and not nearly enough wood the first winter.
    I never told my mother how bad it was, she’d have had the national guard at the door, trying to rescue me. First winter I was in here, the temps went down to 0 at christmas and stayed there until January and then it got really cold, maybe -24 every morning. I dont mind telling you, when spring came I was giddy with it, lol.

    But I agree, Minnesota has those ugly -30 and -40 temps that I truly NEVER want to experience…


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