It’s That Time Again

4th of July fireworks, 2016


There is a time that comes to every author who publishes a book.

Any kind of book, be it hardcover or ebook, fiction or non-fiction. Any genre and any age level.

It’s called launch day.

And like the two unexploded shells climbing in the photo above, everyone hopes for a big, beautiful, “Oooo!” producing product when the package reaches its mark.

It is exciting. 😃

It is exhausting. 😴

It is what we authors have done all our hard work for. 📖

Tuesday October 25th is my third launch day, and it’s no less a momentous occasion than my first launch day was.

I have successfully completed and have had published three books. 😮  It is a ceaseless source of wonder to me. For many years of my life I never would have thought I’d write and publish one book, let alone three. 📚

My husband keeps telling me, “You’re a success!” and I keep telling myself I really ought to believe him. After three books, it’s getting easier to believe.

Here’s my new baby’s photo: 👶


It’s the story of a flood in 1844 near Twombly, Illinois – the town my stories are set in – when an entire house disappears without a trace. And it’s about the current day archeological team trying to find it during another flood year.

It’s about mummies who might have been murdered. It’s about a hurting teenaged girl and her father in modern day Twombly, and what the old house and the mysteries it holds might mean to them. It’s about booze and illegal parties, and a deadly drunken duel.

Treasures and a tunnel, books and newspapers, old legends and modern rumors all offer up clues.  Will amateur sleuths Emory Crawford and Madison Twombly manage to figure out the mysteries in the past as well as the mysteries in our own time before anyone else is killed?

Sometimes the past won’t stay in the past. 📘

I hope you’ll join me on Facebook at “A Flood of Clues Party” on Launch Day – Tuesday October 25th from Noon to 8pm (CDT). 😍  A celebration is always better with lots of friends around to share it with. 👩👵👧👨

There will be conversation, games, and some cool giveaways. 🎁  😎

And as always,

Hugs from Pearl









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